To ensure that their customers get the best mangoes, DHL has tied up exclusively with India’s largest exporter, Prakash Bang & Sons to offer the highest quality A grade Alphonso mangoes.
Pune Times of India, May 4, 2004

Prakash Bang has exclusive offers. From gift packing to home delivery he does it all. With just a few clicks on the website, one can be assured that the best of fruit of the season will be delivered with no hassles at all.
- Maharashtra Herald, April 11, 2004

Prakash Bang, a Pune based entrepreneur has launched Alphonsos in the UAE tying up with partners in the region.
- Khaleej Times, May 4, 2003

Last year, mango-marketing whiz Prakash Bang sold 10,000 boxes of Alphonso in three months on his web site.
- India Today, April 7, 2003

The Bang who tasted sweet success by selling Alphonso mangoes to the world, has gone citrus this time.
- Citadel, January 2003

He's famous for his 'Bangoes' from Ratnagiri and Devgarh. Then, he door delivered Anaras and Capps. Recently, Prakash Bang has diversified into delivering luscious oranges and grapefruit throughout the USA and Canada by tying up with orchards in Florida, USA.
- The Indian Express, December 25, 2002

Mr Bang whose mango gifting business was set up in 1990 has taken the business 100% online today. He takes orders on his website from clientele who want to gift fruit to people in India, the US, UK or Middle East.
- The Financial Express, December 19, 2002

Prakash Bang & Sons, the people who teased the taste buds of discerning customers across the globe with their offering of orchard fresh Devgadh-Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes are out with yet another trailblazer.
- Times of India, December 12, 2002

Desi netizens go bananas over Alphonso. the Alphonso has achieved what books and music couldn't.
- The Sunday Times, May 6, 2001

Prakash Bang called his mangoes Bangoes, and now anyone can buy premium Alphonso mangoes. The mangoes are delivered for free anywhere in the country.
- Pune Mid-Day, May 3, 2001

Bang who also deals in the Devgadh variety, has an enviable list of clients.
- Pune Times of India, April 5, 2001

Mangoes are becoming popular as corporate gifts. The market, in a formal sense, was pioneered back in 1991 by Pune based Prakash Bang.
- Business World, 7 June 1998.

The Devgadh Alphonso mango now has a premium corporate image.
- The Hindu Business Line, May 30, 1996.

Prakash Bang has lifted the mango from his intrinsic status of a mere fruit, to don on the appearance of an exclusive corporate gift item.
- The Indian Express- Citizen, May 16, 1996.

For those who like to be a little different, Devgadh Alphonso mangoes are an alternative offered by Prakash Bang's Personal Mart.
- A & M (Advertising & Marketing), July 1993.

Prakash Bang's Alphonso mango experiment has proved to be a big hit with agencies abroad.
- Indian Express-Citizen, June 3, 1993.

Mr Bang is probably best known for its Devgadh Alphonso mangoes, launched in 1990 in Pune and nationally in 1992. These mangoes are painstakingly grown in orchards in Padel, in the Devgadh belt.
- The Times of India-Pune Plus, May 27, 1993.

Mango food festival at Hotel Ashoka. And the stamp of exclusivity has been further endorsed by using the renowned Prakash Bang's Devgadh Alphonsoes from the orchards of Padel.
- b>Maharashtra Herald, May 9, 1993.

See with this a sensuously done threesome of freshly packed mangoes. And you are sure to check out Pune-based Prakash Bang's idea of lending corporate gifting a new look.
- Sunday Mid-Day, March 21, 1993.

For those who find it impossible to buy Alphonso mangoes, Prakash Bang, 36, may have the answer. He sells Devgadh (Maharashtra)- grown Alphonso mangoes through direct response advertising.
- Business Today, May 7-21, 1992.

Prakash Bang's shopping by mail idea has taken off with a bang.
- Citadel, November 1990.